Pacelli Catholic School in Austin has invited parents and families to do a first-ever “drive by” Pacelli today to wave at their teachers and the 18 members of the senior class from 5:00 – 5:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Staff and seniors will be lining 5th St. NW from 4th Ave to 2nd Ave – on the west side of the two school buildings….social distanced, of course!

Parents have been instructed to drive by coming down 4th Ave from Wescott Field, take a right on to 5th street – Wave for the two blocks by the schools – and then head on home.  Jean McDermott, PK-12 President, Principal and Activities Director at Pacelli stated that the plan is to keep people off of 4th Street.

All parents and families of the senior class are invited to drive by!