In a letter to parents in the Austin School District, Superintendent David Krenz announced Wednesday that Palmer Bus Service lost an additional two drivers causing an overall shortage of 12 drivers.  Because of that, the district is requesting that if parents/guardians have the means to transport their children to school, they are requested to do so as district officials are looking to refine bus routes. 

Krenz went on to state in the letter that it is also important to note that due to the driver shortage, a bus may arrive at a bus stop with a different number on it than what was assigned to you and your child.  Krenz stated that if the driver indicates this is your route to please allow your children to board the bus. 

The letter went on to state that the Palmer Corporate team out of Mankato is aware of the current situation and are reassigning resources to support their Austin location.  Superintendent Krenz went on to state in the letter that the district apologizes for any inconvenience that this situation may have created  for some families.