Alpha Media Bear Medallion Hunt

Here is Clue #1 of the Bear Medallion hunt:

Kayak, canoe, drive, walk or bike

To find Bear this year might require a short hike

Go out and take a quick walk around

Hopefully soon Bear will be found

Clue #2 of the Bear Medallion Hunt:

Launch into our website or Facebook and check

Make sure each clue heard was accurate and correct

Listen each day when each clue is revealed

Who knows?  You might find Bear out in a field

Clue #3 of the Bear Medallion Hunt:

Near and dear to our hearts is our little mascot Bear

And soon, he’ll be back from hiding out there

We mention this Highway nearly every day

You might just find Bear somewhere along the way

Clue #4 of the Bear Medallion Hunt:

Sacred is each and every word  in each clue

Decipher them all, and you’ll know what to do

Be the first to figure them out

And when you find Bear, you’ll surely give a shout


Bear Hunt Rules

Bear is the name of our Alpha Media dog mascot

You are searching for a flat metal medallion likeness of Bear

The Medallion is hidden on public property.

The medallion will not be in water, buried or more than five feet above the ground

The Medallion is hidden within the city limits of Austin

If you find the medallion, follow the instructions printed of the back and/or contact KAUS Radio.

Good luck.