Three individuals arrested on August 14th after Austin Police executed search warrants on a vehicle and a residence located in the 700 block of 2nd Avenue Northeast near Lions Park have been charged in Mower County District Court.

Donald Hoban Allison Hoban Torres

54-year old Donald Brian Hoban, of Austin was charged Monday with felonies for 1st degree drugs, sale of 17 grams or more of methamphetamine and 2nd degree drugs, possession of 25 grams or more of methamphetamine.

22-year old Allison Mae Hoban, of Austin has been charged with a felony for 4th-degree drugs, sale of marijuana in a park zone and four counts of felony 5th degree drug possession.

19-year old Brian Torres, of Blooming Prairie has been charged with felony 5th degree drug possession.   A narcotics detective with the Austin Police Department was granted a search warrant for Allison Hoban’s vehicle that was parked outside the residence in the 700 block of 2nd Avenue Northeast on the morning of Friday, August 14th.  The search warrant also included Hoban and any passengers in the vehicle.  The vehicle later left the residence and was stopped by an Austin Police officer in the 500 block of West Oakland Avenue and the detective was advised that Hoban and Torres were inside.  Authorities found 454.1 grams of marijuana, THC Edibles, 24 THC vape oil cartridges, THC wax and 0.49 grams of cocaine in the vehicle.  Law enforcement later executed a search warrant at Donald Hoban’s residence and seized 47.73 grams of methamphetamine from a safe in Hoban’s bedroom, plus also $730 cash and a cell phone from his bedroom, 7.78 pounds of marijuana and $28,724 in cash from Allison Hoban’s bedroom, THC wax, THC edibles, drug paraphernalia; and a marijuana plant in the backyard.

All three suspects are scheduled to make their next appearances in Mower County District Court on August 27th.