Mower County Board votes to push back penalties from paying first half property taxes for all classes late to July 15th

The Mower County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously at their meeting Tuesday to push back penalties from paying first half property taxes for all classes late, including small businesses and schools, back to July 15 from May 15.  KAUS News spoke with Mower County Administrator Trish Harren, who stated that the grace period came after a survey conducted by the county showed a majority of those taking part approved of the move…..

Harren went on to state that counties have been asking the State Legislature to push back the due date for first-half property taxes from May 15th to a later date…

Besides counties, Chambers of Commerce from around the state, including Austin have requested that Governor Walz enact a 60-day extension of the May 15th property tax payments. 

In a letter to Walz earlier this month, Minnesota Chamber President Doug Loon, along with leaders from Hospitality Minnesota, Minnesota Retailers Association, Minnesota Shopping Center Association and other organizations stated that while the organizations appreciate the assistance available at the federal and state level for businesses, they said they think more can be done on a short-term basis to assist them.

The letter stated many businesses are experiencing cash flow issues and will not have the resources to make their May 15th payment. A delay, they stated in the letter would help businesses focus on retaining employees and on paying other fixed expenses.