MCHS Austin announces addition of lighted crosswalk near the facility

Patients, visitors and staff will now have a helping hand to assist getting across one of the busiest streets in Austin. Mayo Clinic Health System has announced the addition of a lighted crosswalk near the medical facility.

Approximately 6,000 vehicles travel on 1st Drive Northwest each day.

“Staff had expressed concerns for themselves and the general public walking across the street to the medical center,” says Sue Loch, director of Mayo Clinic Health System Foundation in Austin. “They highlighted the difficulty due to the volume and speed of vehicles traveling along the street. A request was made to the Foundation to assist with funding this issue.”

The Foundation granted the request to help staff feel safe while coming to work, and the crosswalk was completed in February 2024. Total cost of the project was nearly $23,000.

The Foundation is a volunteer organization that has existed since 2002, when a group of forward-thinking community members formed to enhance patient care on the Austin campus.

Since its inception, Mayo Clinic Health System Foundation in Austin has generously given over $7,035,000 toward capital projects, equipment and programs to provide world-class care to the Austin campus.