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Lawmakers look to pass long-delayed public works bill during fifth special session

State lawmakers are considering a long-delayed public works bill in this fifth special session. The $1.3 billion dollar bill would help pay for a variety of projects across the state. State District 27B Representative Jeanne Poppe, DFL’er from Austin spoke with KAUS and stated that the bill is part of an economic stimulus package that will also include such features as tax provisions and additional spending that has been on the docket since April and May…

The city of Austin has been seeking $19 million for its wastewater treatment facility renovation project. State legislative leaders have noted that the bill includes approximately $200 million in tax relief for main street and farmers, $700 million for road and bridges, and $300 million in wastewater treatment projects.  Democratic Gov. Tim Walz called the special session last week as he announced his intent to extend the emergency authority he has used to respond to the pandemic for 30 more days, which he did Monday.  The Governor is required by law to call special sessions when he does that while the Legislature stands adjourned. That gives lawmakers the chance to rescind his orders if both chambers agree, but House Democrats have blocked all GOP efforts to do that.

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