Hormel Foundation approves over $14 million in distributions to nonprofit agencies for 2022

The Hormel Foundation board of directors approved record distributions of $14.7 million today to nonprofit agencies for 2022.

The Hormel Foundation grants advance the missions of nonprofit organizations in Austin. Those organizations are Austin Area Foundation, Austin Community Charitable Fund, Austin Community Growth Ventures, Austin Community Scholarship Committee, Austin Public Schools, Cedar Valley Services, City of Austin, The Hormel Institute, Mayo Clinic Health Systems – Austin, Parenting Resource Center, Riverland Community College, Salvation Army, United Way of Mower County and the YMCA of Austin. The Hormel Institute, a world-renowned cancer and biomedical research center and part of University of Minnesota, is a principal recipient of The Hormel Foundation’s annual contributions.

In addition to foregoing, the Cedar River Watershed District received a grant to build two large projects in the headwaters of Dobbins Creek to improve water quality and reduce peak flooding. Earthen berms will be built to temporarily hold large amounts of stormwater and snow before slowly releasing it. 

Another grant was approved by the Foundation to supplement the budget for MnDot’s replacement and refurbishing of I-90 bridges to allow for aesthetic upgrades and safety improvements.