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City of Austin to play host to a portion of Southeast Minnesota Mini-Session

The City of Austin will be playing host to a portion of the Southeast Minnesota Mini-Session, the first such session to be held in over 20 years.  Winona will be the host city to the session, which will feature legislators holding a series of committee hearings, tours, and educational presentations in Southeastern Minnesota from October 2nd to the 4th.  State District 27B Representative Jeanne Poppe, DFL’er from Austin spoke with KAUS News and stated that one of the committees, the Bonding Committee will be taking a close look at three different different projects in Austin to be proposed for bonding dollars, chief among them a $73 million project that would bring the city’s wastewater treatment facility up to revised MPCA standards…

Poppe went on to state that other committees that will be making their way through Austin will include Education, Higher Education and  Agriculture, plus the Elections sub-committee…

Also on Wednesday, another group will make a stop in Rochester at the University of Minnesota.  State representatives will meet with officials with the City of Rochester to talk about the city’s sustainability platform and vision for the future. 

Lawmakers will also hold a mini session concerning prescription drug prices, and the group is also planning a tour of Niagara Cave in Harmony and the state veterans’ cemetery in Preston.

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