Effective immediately and continuing through March 27, City of Austin facilities will close to the public. This includes City Hall, Park and Recreation, Arenas, the Library, and the Fire Station. City staff will continue to work in all facilities in a limited capacity to provide essential city services. You are encouraged to connect with City staff through the city website and by email. During business hours we will be answering telephone calls and information can be received via email. If you have business that is timesensitive and must be conducted in person, call 5074379940 to make an appointment. City staff will do their best to accommodate your request. 

The City of Austin has been working with local, county, and state partners to help protect the health and wellness of both the community and employees during the rapidly changing coronavirus outbreak. As transmission has changed in Minnesota from travelrelated to community spread, the city is making these changes while still ensuring it can provide essential services to residents

Contact phone numbers: City Administration 507437-9940 Public Works 5074379950 Parks and Recreation 5074331881 Fire Department 5074333405 

Visit www.ci.austin.mn.us to learn more about the closures.