Austin High School junior named to MDE Computer Science Working Group

Austin High School junior Nadia Hummel has been named to the Minnesota Department of Education Computer Science Working Group. The group is “charged with developing a state strategic plan for long-term and sustained growth of computer science education in all kindergarten through grade 12 school districts and charter schools.”

“According to the 2023 State of CS Education Report, only 28% of Minnesota high schools offer a computer science course, which is the lowest in the nation,” says Austin High School computer science teacher Joee Winter. “There are many computer science career pathway options in Southeast Minnesota and the state. For our schools to prepare students for these careers, they need access to computer science education. This working group and the associated legislation is one step towards this goal. I am thankful for the support the district has given to be able to offer computer science courses at Austin High School. Minnesota needs a plan to make this the rule and not the exception; all students, no matter their location, should have access to a CS course.”

Nadia’s involvement in the working group began after she was nominated by Ms. Winter. “I wanted to help impact our local community and others like it. Computer science is one of the fastest growing occupational industries in the modern world and there is a huge need for people from that background. Computer science teaches students complex problem-solving skills that are applicable in almost any field.”

“Nadia has been an exceptional computer science student and is dedicated in all her academic endeavors,” says Ms. Winter. “I knew she would take this role seriously, going above and beyond the expectations and not be afraid to share her thoughts and opinions with the working group.”