Austin City Council approves resolutions declaring cost and to adopt assessment rolls on four street improvement projects at Monday meeting

The Austin City Council approved resolutions declaring the cost and to adopt the assessment rolls on four different street improvement projects for the city for 2024 at their regularly scheduled meeting Monday evening.  

The projects include street improvements on 8th St. NE, from 16th to 18th Avenues NE, and lift station construction at 16th Avenue and 8th Street NE, with Phase 1 to start in May, and Phase 2 in July, also 9th Street SW from 17th to 22nd Avenues SW, and 12th Street SW, from 17th to 21st Avenues SW, with Phase 1 to start in early May, and Phase 2, which will be 12th Street SW in July, also 4th Avenue NE, from 17th to 19th Streets NE, and 1st Avenue NE, from 8th to 10th Streets NE, with work scheduled to take place starting in June and July on 4th Avenue, and in late April on 1st Avenue NE, and also 2nd Avenue NW, from 14th to 19th Streets NW, and 16th Street NW, from Oakland Avenue West to 2nd Avenue NW, with Phase 1 scheduled to start in early May, Phase 2 in June, and Phase 3, or 16th Street NW in August.

In other business Monday evening, the Austin City Council approved Change Order No. 3 for the wastewater treatment plant renovation and expansion project, and they also approved revisions to an existing 3-year Individual Control Mechanism, or ICM agreement with Austin Tank Wash, LLC which is set to expire on December 31st, 2026.  The council also approved a 3-year lease agreement from May 1st, 2024 to April 30th, 2027 with Lanny Bastianson for the Anderson Building on the south end of the Austin Municipal Airport, and they also approved an entitlement transfer involving construction of a 10-unit T-Hangar at the Austin Municipal Airport, which involves funding from multiple sources.  The transfer would involve the Albert Lea Municipal Airport in the amount of $150,000, with the funding transferred to the city of Austin for fiscal year 2024, and repayment of the same amount would be returned to the Albert Lea Municipal Airport in fiscal year 2025.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Austin City Council is scheduled for Monday, April 1st at the City Council chambers.