Administration at Austin High School addresses recent report of bed bug dectection at the High School

Administration at Austin Public Schools addressed a recent report of bed bug detection at Austin High School in a note to staff, parents, caregivers and students that outlined the steps being taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.

High School Principal Matt Schmit stated in the letter that upon discovering the bed bug issue, the Buildings and Grounds department quickly performed thorough inspections and coordinated response efforts to address the situation effectively and promptly.  Schmit stated that the building nurse will work with identified families to provide resources and education.

Schmit went on to state in the letter that the district aligns with the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidelines regarding bed bug infestations, and he added that the district encourages everyone to utilize the department’s resources for valuable information on identifying and preventing bed bugs, enhancing their awareness and understanding of the issue.  Schmit went on to stress that the health and safety of students and staff are our their top priorities, and he added that the Buildings and Grounds Department is taking all necessary measures to provide a comprehensive solution.

Schmit went on to report that efforts include ongoing preventative measures such as regular inspections and maintaining high cleanliness standards.  He stated that the Buildings and Grounds team plays a vital role in early detection and constant surveillance to prevent future occurrences.  Schmit added that the district believes in the importance of clear and open communication, and they encourage everyone to report concerns or sightings and maintain an open dialogue with the district.

Schmit went on to state in the letter that resolving the issue is a collaborative effort involving the school, Buildings and Grounds, parents/caregivers, staff, and students, and he added that for those affected or concerned, the district is offering support and resources, including health services provided by the school.