Next Ruby’s Pantry Distribution Day in Austin Thursday, May 20th at Mower County Fairgrounds

The next Ruby’s Pantry distribution day in Austin is scheduled for Thursday, May 20th at the Mower County Fairgrounds at 4:00 p.m.

Bob Rosel, Media Coordinator for Ruby’s  Pantry in Austin stated in a news release that, once again, the food will be distributed in a drive-by fashion, and he added that the distribution will take place rain or shine.  There will be a limit of 2 bundles per vehicle, which is subject to change as the distribution proceeds, and they will be asking for a $20 exact cash donation for each bundle to help cover trucking and storage costs.

Rosel went on to state in the release that more volunteers are always needed, and the numbers of volunteers fluctuate each month but have been on the lower side four of the last five months.  And one last request, if you can figure out a way to bring it up.  Last year Ruby’s Pantry asked for people to bring us their empty egg cartons and they responded wonderfully, but Rosel stated in the release that they now have more than enough and are considering other ways to distribute eggs, they do not need any more egg cartons.  Donations have been dropped off at Grace Lutheran, but they are now asking people to stop dropping their empty egg cartons off.

If anyone has a question about Ruby’s they can call Grace Lutheran at 433-3445 and/or check out Ruby’s Pantry’s Facebook page at