Mayo Clinic expert discusses transition from pandemic to endemic, continued vaccinations for COVID-19

Dr. Jack O’Horo, Mayo Clinic infectious disease expert and Master of Public Health, fielded questions on what it will mean once COVID-19 transitions from a pandemic to an endemic. Dr. O’Horo explained to KAUS News and other media outlets during a press briefing the difference between a pandemic, and how it could affect daily life….

Dr. O’Horo went on to state that vaccinations for COVID-19 will still have a role when the current outbreak is determined to be an endemic instead of a pandemic…

Dr. O’Horo was also asked if there is still a threat of more powerful COVID-19 variants or variants emerging….

The Minnesota Department of Health recently reported that the state’s pandemic path continues to brighten, with fewer than 500 patients in the hospital now and known, and they added that active cases are trending near a seven-month low.  The Department of Health reported fewer than 800 new cases per day over the last seven reporting days. Two weeks ago, the trend was running at more than 2,300 cases daily.

Overall, there are approximately 6,400 active, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota. That’s down dramatically from mid-January, when active cases topped 67,000. The active count has stayed below 10,000 for eight consecutive days, the first time that’s occurred since August.  Hospitalizations are also falling rapidly as the Department of Health reported that 472 people were currently in the hospital with COVID-19 at last word, with 60 needing an intensive care bed. ICU needs are the lowest since July. Two weeks ago, state data showed 801 COVID hospitalizations with 126 ICU patients.