What do you get when six men go out on the golf course with the goal of speeding through as many holes as possible to raise money for cancer research? The Dutchtown Jumpers Longest Day of Golf Fundraiser. 

On Saturday, September 12, three groups of two golfers – Jeff Bawek and Sen. Dan Sparks; Jeremy “Ole” Olson and Ryan Wiechmann; Mike and Cody Upcraft – will hit the greens at Meadow Greens Golf Course to golf as many holes as possible during a four-hour block. 

The Dutchtown Jumpers have been the Plunging for Pink team with the largest donation for many years, but it takes a full year of fundraising to make that happen. With COVID-19, many of their traditional fundraisers haven’t been possible. So the team got creative and came up with the idea for the Longest Day of Golf.

The number of holes golfed by each team will be added together for a total and sponsors can pledge a dollar amount per hole to encourage the teams to get through as many as possible. For example, a sponsor pledging $1.00 per hole would pay $145 if the teams managed to get through 145 holes. Donations of any amount are welcome and don’t need to be tied to the number of holes golfed by the group. 

All funds raised will go to the Dutchtown Jumpers (a registered 501c3) to be donated toward cancer research at The Hormel Institute during the next Plunging for Pink event. Sponsors can sign up and all are invited to drop off donations of any amount at Hoot & Ole’s Tavern, 105 11th St SE, Austin, MN 55912.