Grayson was the top boy’s name — and top name chosen overall — by parents who delivered at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin in 2020. Grayson edged out Axel and Mateo as the top boy’s names. Liam was the overall top name chosen for boys in 2019.

Everly was once again the top girl’s name. Everly was tied with six names ― Olivia, Camila, Isabella, Aria, Reagan and Joanna ― for the top spot in 2019.

The Family Birth Center in Austin was also busier, compared to the rest of Mayo Clinic Health System. The newly remodeled floor, which allows families to remain in the same location for triage, labor, delivery and postpartum care, had the third most deliveries among all Mayo Clinic Health System locations.

Construction will be complete in the Family Birth Center in early 2021. The final product will include 10 delivery rooms, an expanded family waiting area and easy access from the same elevators that patients use for the nine months prior to delivery.

Grayson is 15th in boy’s names chosen nationwide, while Everly is listed 65th overall for girls, according to Oliver and Amelia were the top names nationally in 2020, according to Liam, Theodore, Ethan, and Aiden completed the top five list for boy’s names, while Amelia, Charlotte, Aurora, Violet and Olivia rounded out the list of girl’s names nationally.

Other noteworthy birthing statistics from 2020 along the I-90 corridor include:

  • Over 53% of babies born in 2020 were boys. That’s the second consecutive year that more boys have been delivered.
  • Springtime was busy in terms of deliveries at Mayo Clinic Health System, with April and May tied as the busiest delivery months in 2020. The busiest months were April and June in 2019.