Austin Public Schools issues update regarding bed bugs discovered at Austin High School

Austin Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Joey Page wrote a letter to parents, caregivers, students and staff of the district Wednesday updating them regarding the recent concerns circulating about bed bugs at Austin High School.  

Dr. Page stated in the letter that Austin Public Schools takes the health and well-being of its students and staff very seriously, and he reiterated that the district has been actively addressing the issue.  When the concern was raised, Dr. Page stated in the letter that the district’s Buildings and Grounds Department promptly and thoroughly treated the issue, following the best practices and guidelines, and he added that the department is working with a professional pest control company that inspects all school facilities. In searching the area, Dr. Page stressed that there has been no further evidence of bed bugs in locations where students attend classes or spend their time during the school day.  As a result, Dr. Page stated that they have continued to conduct classes, and he added that there is no reason to keep students at home.

 Dr. Page went on to state in the letter that they understand that misinformation has been circulating on social media and in some news reports, contributing to unnecessary panic. Dr. Page said in the letter that the district wants to clarify that the information is misleading, and they encourage everyone to rely on official updates from the school district.  Dr. Page stated that their priority is to provide accurate and timely information to ensure the well-being of the school community.

 Dr. Page went on to state in the letter that the district appreciates everyone’s cooperation and understanding as they address the matter transparently, and he added that if anyone has any specific concerns or questions, you can contact the Director of Facility Services, Joe Adamson, at [email protected].

 Dr. Page wrapped up the letter by saying that the district is committed to maintaining open lines of communication with their students, families/caregivers, and staff, and they thank everyone for their continued support in creating a safe and positive learning environment for students.