6th through 12th grades at Alden/Conger Public Schools to switch to distance learning November 10th

Alden-Conger Public School announced Thursday students in 6th through 12th grades will switch to distance learning starting Nov. 10 amidst rising COVID-19 cases in Freeborn County.

The county’s numbers have grown from 13.43 cases per 10,000 people Oct. 15, to 16.05 cases as of Oct. 22, and 22.6 cases in the new numbers being released Thursday. Cases are projected to be over 30 cases per 10,000 people when numbers are released Nov. 5.

Superintendent Brian Shanks stated that the transition to distance learning will coincide with the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter.  Shanks added that if numbers go down, students will return to in-person learning Nov. 30, the Monday after Thanksgiving break.  After discussing the county numbers with the public health nurse, Shanks indicated that the district is confident that students in grades pre-K through 5th grade can stay in school receiving in-person learning. If numbers continue to increase, however, the district may consider moving all students to a more restrictive learning model.

The district previously shifted to distance learning at the end of September after another increase in new COVID-19 cases throughout the district.