Albert Lea woman sentenced to prison time on felony drug possession charge in Mower County District Court

An Albert Lea woman who was taken into custody after methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were found during a search of a residence in Austin on October 29th, 2020 has been sentenced to prison time in Mower County District Court.  

36-year old Victoria Ann Lopez was convicted and sentenced Friday to 49 months, or four years and one month in prison on a felony charge of 3rd degree drugs, possession of 10 grams or more of a narcotic drug other than heroin.  Lopez was given credit for 20 days already served, and she pleaded guilty to the charge on December 16th, 2022 after initially pleading not guilty on November 12th, 2020.  

Mower County District Court Judge Natalie Martinez determined that Lopez will be allowed to serve the sentence concurrently with another prison sentence of 88 months, or seven years and three months in prison she was sentenced to in Freeborn County District Court on November 2nd, 2022 after pleading guilty to a felony charge of 2nd degree drugs, sale of 10 grams or more of a narcotic other than heroin within a 90-day period.  The South-Central Drug Investigation Unit reported that Lopez sold methamphetamine to a confidential informant on five separate occasions between July 27th, 2020, and August 26th, 2020.

Lopez had initially pleaded not guilty to that charge on November 20th, 2020.