Wishing Tree sculpture touring Austin locations into 2022

The “Wishing Tree” sculpture created at the 2021 4th Avenue Fest is touring Austin locations before installation at its permanent home in the new Austin Community Action Building.

A six-foot-tall metal weeping willow tree, “Wishing Tree” was created by artist Sara Hanson as part of the 2021 4th Avenue Fest. Hanson designed the tree, worked with local leaders to create animal sculptures among the branches and hosted the public in creating custom metal leaves at her Wow! Mobile Metal Lab on June 16. The finished sculpture was revealed on September 12 at the Hormel Institute as part of Welcoming Week 2021.

On December 6th, the sculpture moved to the Austin Aspires office where it will be on display through February 2nd. The sculpture will be exhibited at the SPAM Museum, Austin High School, Mayo Clinic Health System Austin and the Austin Public Library in 2022.

The sculpture will be permanently installed in the Austin Community Action Building which is under construction adjacent to the Parenting Resource Center / Michael H. Seibel Family Visitation & Exchange Center. The Austin Community Action Building is scheduled to be completed in the fall and will house the Welcome Center, Children’s Dental Health and programs of the Parenting Resource Center.

The sculpture project was created by the City of Austin Culture and Arts Commission and is funded by a Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) grant for $5,000.