Washington woman sentenced to supervised probation on felony 1st degree drug possession charge in Mower County District Court

A Washington woman who was found to be in possession of just over 1,000 grams, or 2.3 pounds of cocaine, $14,000 in cash and a handgun with ammunition after a traffic stop on Interstate 90 near Austin on February 15th, 2022 has been sentenced to supervised probation in Mower County District Court.

43-year old Angel Gabreel Hall-Willis of Fife, Washington was convicted and sentenced Thursday to five years of supervised probation after pleading guilty on June 12th of this year to a felony charge of 1st degree drugs, possession of 100 or more grams of cocaine.  A 65-month prison sentence was stayed for five years if Willis complies with the 14 different conditions of her probation.  

A felony charge for importing controlled substances across state borders, and a misdemeanor charge for possession of over 1.4 grams of marijuana in a motor vehicle against Hall-Willis in the case were dismissed with her guilty plea.