Walz likely to extend COVID emergency powers 30 days

Observers predict Governor Tim Walz will extend his COVID emergency powers another 30 days through June 12th, which would keep a stay-at-home order and business closures in place — with possible scale-backs in coming days.

House Republican Leader Kurt Daudt responds high-risk groups should probably stay quarantined, but everyone else should go back to work with social distancing. Daudt says, “The governor’s actual data in his own modeling shows that we would have fewer ICU beds at the peak and fewer deaths if we did that, rather than continue on the path that he’s on right now.”

The governor counters, “The idea that this is a choice between health and economic destruction is one that we cannot make. It has to be a line between them.” Walz says Minnesota has one of the best chances to do that with “really good social compliance and really aggressive testing, tracing and isolation.”

Bill Werner – Minnesota News Network