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Voters in four area school districts approve referendum questions in Tuesday elections

Voters approved referendum questions in four area school districts on Tuesday.

In the Lyle School District, voters approved a request to increase the district’s operating referendum authority from $840 to $850 per pupil unit per year for the next ten years, with 188 yes votes to 142 no votes, or 57% to 43%.  In the Kingsland School District, a request to increase per pupil funding $714 to $1,566 per pupil unit was approved by a wide margin with 930 yes votes to 520 no, or 64% to 36%.  

In the Glenville-Emmons School District, voters approved both ballot questions.  In the first question, whether to revoke and replace the existing referendum of $1,377 per pupil with the same amount, 65%, or 506 people voted yes, while 35%, or 272 people voted no.  In the second question, whether to add $402.44 per pupil to that operating revenue, 60.5%, or 468 people voted in support, while 39.5%, or 306 people voted against.  

Voters in the Rochester School District approved a bond for more than $170 million that will go toward building a new elementary and middle school and help reconstruct two schools. The bond approval will allow the district to purchase more land and upgrade some current infrastructure.  11,754 voters, or 69% voted yes Tuesday while 5,215 voters, or 31% cast a no vote.

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