Temporary cooling areas available in Mower County during extreme heat wave
During this extreme heat wave, the following is available for temporary cooling areas. If you need additional cooling needs, please leave a message on the Mower County Needs line at 507-396-8227.
Mower County Cooling Centers:
City of Austin:
Senior Center, 8am-4pm Senior Citizens Only
Austin Library, 9am-8pm
City of Adams: 507-396-8227
City of Brownsdale:
Community -City Hall:
Wednesday- 7:30am -3pm
Thursday- 8am-3pm
Friday- 8am-11am
Public Library:
Wednesday- 12:30pm – 5:30 pm
Thursday- 8am – 3pm
Friday- 12:30pm – 5:30pm
City of Dexter: 507-396-8227
City of Elkton: 507-396-8227
City of Grand Meadow:
Public Library:
Wednesday 9am -5:30pm
Thursday 9am – 6:00 pm
City of LeRoy:
Leroy Public Library, 605 North Broadway
Wednesday 10:00am -5:00 pm
Thursday 10:00am -7:00 pm
City of Lyle:
Lyle City Hall, 315 1st St, Open 8:00am- 4:00 pm
City of Rose Creek:
City Hall 105 Maple St SE, Open 10am-4pm
City of Mapleview: 507-396-8227
City of Racine: 507-396-8227
City of Sargeant: 507-396-8227
City of Taopi: 507-396-8227