Monday,on a chilly fall afternoon, members of the Prairie Visions and Shooting Star Trail Committees gathered at the northern most end of the Shooting Star Trail to celebrate the completion of the trail.

The idea for the recreational trail began as the railroad was in the process of abandoning the rail line along State Highway 56. A local group was formed to look at what could be done to keep towns along the highway viable into the future. This group became known as Prairie Visions.

Since that first meeting 30 years ago progress has been slow but steady. A plan was developed for the creation of what is now known as The Shooting Star Trail. And now that trail stretches from Austin to LeRoy, winding its way through Rose Creek, Adams and Taopi along the way.

With the ribbon cutting, the trail is now essentially complete. But the work continues.

Members are now turning their attention to a trail extension from LeRoy to the Iowa border, to connect with Iowa’s trail system, and a connection to link up with the Root River Trail.