New cyber attacks are aimed Minnesota’s communications and information systems

Minnesota’s information systems and networks have been the subject of recent cyber attacks, according to a state agency.

So far none of the attacks have been successful in disrupting systems or taking them offline.

Minnesota IT Services, the executive branch agency responsible for providing the full range of information technology services to agencies and citizens across the state, stated Sunday that it has been defending its systems against attacks.

“MNIT’s Security Operations Center is defending against distributed denial-of-defense cyber-attacks aimed at overloading state information systems and networks to tip them offline. Keeping our communications systems secure during times of crisis is critical to protecting the Minnesotans that we serve, and we work to meet the challenging and evolving threat to those systems every day. At this time, these attacks have not successfully disrupted the state services that Minnesotans depend upon, and MNIT is working in close coordination with partners at the Department of Public Safety and with the federal government to share intelligence and stay proactive on cyber threats.”

Scott Fuller – [email protected]