Mower SWCD featuring new program called prairie strips

The Mower Soil and Water Conservation District is featuring a new program called prairie strips as a way of conserving soil, improving water quality and providing habitat for wildlife and pollinators.  KAUS spoke with Paul Hunter from the Mower SWCD who talked further about what the program is all about..

Hunter went on to state that the program is a great opportunity to make the best use of lands that may not be that productive..

Hunter stated that the Mower SWCD office would love to work with farmers concerning implementation of the new program…

Farmers and landowners can sign up to establish prairie strips through the federal USDA Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) under a 10- or 15-year conservation contract that keeps those acres from being used for cropland. CRP provides landowners with $258 to $300 per acre annually under the prairie-strip program, with most of the costs covered through cost-share assistance for preparing the site, purchasing seed, seeding the land and establishing the practice.  

Farmers looking for more information concerning the program are urged to contact the Mower SWCD office at (507) 434-2603, or they can log on to their website for more information at