Mower County with 1,088 COVID-19 cases since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic; age range from six months to age 98

The Minnesota Department of Health reported Wednesday that the total number of deaths due to the COVID-19, or coronavirus in the state has risen to 1,629, while the total number of positive cases in the state has eclipsed 57,700.

Health officials indicated that the state now has a total of 57,779 positive cases, which was up 629 from 57,162 on Tuesday, and the 1,629 deaths due to the virus was up nine from 1,620 on Tuesday.  They added that 1,237 COVID-19 related deaths thus far in Minnesota have been from cases that resided in long-term or assisted living facilities.  Mower County has now recorded 1,088 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, which was up four from 1,084 on Tuesday.  Community Health Division Manager Pam Kellogg stated that the county has been averaging anywhere from 30-35 active infectious cases for the past three weeks, and she added that approximately 90% of those cases are in the city of Austin, while the other 10% reside in other parts of the county.  Kellogg indicated that the range in age for those who have contracted the virus in the county has been anywhere from six months to age 98. 

Olmsted County now has 1,649 cumulative cases, which was up 14 from 1,635 on Tuesday, Freeborn County recorded 356 cases Wednesday, up one from 355 on Tuesday and Steele County now has 334 cases, up one from 333 on Tuesday.  Dodge County reported 125 cases Wednesday, up two from 123 on Tuesday and Fillmore County remained at 61 cases for a second day in a row.

305 patients were being hospitalized for COVID-19 in Minnesota at last word, which was down 23 from 328 on Tuesday, and 152 of those patients were being treated in intensive care units, which was down seven from 159 on Tuesday.  51,223 patients in Minnesota no longer need to be isolated.