Mower County Sheriff’s Office investigating report of stolen Austin Utilities vehicle

The Mower County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a report of a stolen Austin Utilities vehicle Thursday.  

A Mower County Sheriff’s Office Deputy took a stolen vehicle report from an employee with Austin Utilities at 3:50 p.m. Thursday afternoon.  The employee stated to authorities that someone stole an Austin Utilities truck while he was working in the area  of 547th and 14th St. NE, where he had parked the truck on a gravel road.  Chief Deputy Sheriff Mark May stated that the employee was working in a neighborhood on 13th St. NE around 2:30 p.m. Thursday and believed that the truck was stolen around that time frame.

The truck was described as a white 2014 Dodge Ram with Minnesota license plate number 945070, and the number 201 on the fender.  May stated that if anyone has any information concerning the stolen truck, they are asked to contact the Mower County Sheriff’s Office at 437-9400.