Mower County Sheriff Steve Sandvik cleared to return to work

Officials with Mower County have announced that Sheriff Steve Sandvik has been cleared by his medical provider to return to work.

Mower County Administrator Trish Harren stated in a news release that her office was advised on November 17th, 2022 of a concern regarding the conduct of Sheriff Sandvik that had occurred on Wednesday, November 16th.  Harren stated that the county retained outside counsel to follow up on the report and to also provide legal advice to the County.  An investigation that was conducted by Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney P.A. is now complete, and Harren indicated in the report that the investigative findings do not substantiate allegations of misconduct.

She went on to state that the investigation into the incident is now closed, and Harren went on to state that Sheriff Sandvik has sought and received medical treatment. He has been cleared by his medical provider to return to work, and Harren added that the County supports Sheriff Sandvik and his ongoing efforts to address this difficult but treatable medical condition.