Mower County sees 2.5% rate of unemployment in September

Minnesota’s unemployment rate ticked down one-tenth of a percentage point to 3.7% in September. DEED Commissioner Steve Grove says this is due to people moving out of unemployment and into employment:

Mower County saw a labor force of 20,356 workers in the month of September, with 19,850 of those workers employed and 506 unemployed for an unemployment rate of 2.5%, which was down from 3.2% in August.  In other county unemployment rates for September from around our KAUS listening area, Freeborn County saw a 2.7% rate of unemployment in September, Fillmore County was at 2.1%, Dodge County saw a 2.2% rate of unemployment in September, Olmsted County was at 2.4%, Steele County was at 2.6% and Waseca County saw a 3.1% rate of unemployment in September.  Minnesota lost 416,300 jobs from February through April 2020 and has since gained back 70% of the total jobs lost.