Mower County sees 2.2% unemployment rate in June; city of Austin 2.3%

Hiring in Minnesota was basically flat in June, while the state still hit a new record low of 1.8-percent unemployment.  That is the lowest unemployment rate in the state since records started being kept in 1976 and is the second lowest in the nation:

State job analyst Oriane Casale stated that the unemployment rate in Minnesota dropped by two-tenths of a percent from May to June.  Mower County saw a labor force of 20,319 workers in the month of June, with 19,878 employed and 441 unemployed for an unemployment rate of 2.2%, up from 1.5% in May.  The city of Austin saw a labor force of 12,168 workers in June, with 12,168 employed and 285 unemployed for an unemployment rate of 2.3%, up from 1.7% in June.  In other county unemployment rates for the month of June from around our KAUS listening area, Freeborn County was at 2.4%, Fillmore and Dodge Counties were both at 2%, Olmsted County saw a 1.9% rate of unemployment in June, Steele County was at 2.3% and Waseca County saw a 2.8% rate of unemployment in June.

The U-S unemployment rate held steady at 3.6-percent last month.