Mower County Public Health stresses continued COVID-19 prevention measures during 4th of July weekend

With 4th of July activities soon upon us, methods of protecting ourselves from the COVID-19, or coronavirus may get lost in the shuffle.  Pam Kellogg, Community Health Division Manager for Mower County Public Health stated that even with the upcoming weekend, we have to remember that we are in a pandemic and need to keep healthy…

Kellogg went on to state that although the number of new cases in Mower County has been trending downward as of late, we still need to be cautious….

The City of Rochester officially passed an amendment this week that requires anyone entering a government building to wear a mask, and Kellogg was asked whether Mower County would also consider and pass such an amendment….

Mower County recorded four new positive COVID-19 cases Thursday for a total of 932.  The only other county in southeastern Minnesota with more COVID-19 cases is Olmsted County with 1,076 cases as of Thursday.