More local mid-term election results from Tuesday

It was mid-term election day in Mower County Tuesday, and also across the state of Minnesota and the country, and in local results from Tuesday, Edwin N. Koppen won re-election as Mayor of the City of LeRoy with 229 votes, or 59.6% to challenger Gerald Payne’s 151 votes, or 39.3%.  For Mayor of the city of Lyle, incumbent Ronald Frank was victorious Tuesday with 106 votes, or 54%, while challengers Angie Mlenar and Mr. Ricky Matter received 76 and 13 votes, respectively.  Three candidates were seeking two open seats on the Lyle City Council Tuesday, and incumbents Amanda Frank and Pat Branchaud retained their seats with 121 and 103 votes, respectively, or 40.4 and 34.4%, and Jeremy Mlenar received 72 votes, or 24%.  In the city of Grand Meadow, four candidates were seeking two open seats on the city council, and Justin Bain claimed one seat with 255 votes, or 32.4% while Blayne Stejskal claimed the other open seat with 209 votes, or 26.5%.  Aaron Myhre received 171 votes, or 21.7% and Kristen Kay Paulsen received 148 votes, or 18.8%.  In the city of Rose Creek, three candidates were vying for two open seats on the city council, and Andrew Felten claimed one seat with 118 votes, or 41.4% while the other open seat will go to Bobbie Greenlee, who received 86 votes, or 30.1%, and Kretta Menuey received 78 votes, or 27.3%.

In the Grand Meadow School District, four candidates were seeking three open seats on the school board, and incumbent Tabitha Hoffman claimed one of the seats with 573 votes, or 29.8%, Paul Eickhoff claimed another with 497 votes, or 25.9% and incumbent Shavon Eastlee claimed the third seat with 475 votes, or 24.7%, with Marc Irlbeck receiving 363 votes, or 18.9%.  In a special election for the Grand Meadow School Board to fill a vacancy on the board with the term expiring January 6th, 2025, Amanda Inglebret claimed the seat with 411 votes, or 53.1%, and Tracy Bachman received 358 votes in the special election, or 46.3%.  In the LeRoy/Ostrander School District, seven candidates were vying for three open seats on the school board, and incumbent Tim Lewison claimed one of the seats with 414 votes to lead the field, Dave Farlinger claimed another seat with 369 votes, or 15.7%, and Kyle Stern claimed the third open seat with 325 votes, or 13.9%.  In the Blooming Prairie School District, five candidates were looking to fill four open seats on the school board, and incumbent Kelly Braaten claimed one of the four seats with 1,301 votes, or 22.8%, incumbent Rodney Krell claimed another of the four seats with 1,232 votes, or 21.6%, Dean Meshke, a third incumbent claimed another seat with 1,108 votes, or 19.4% and Crystal Studer claimed the fourth open seat with 1,103 votes, or 19.3%.  Bob Arett received 920 votes, or 16.1% in Tuesday’s election.  

Mower County Auditor/Treasurer Scott Felten reported that 14,209 voters in the 39 voting precincts in the county cast a ballot in Tuesday’s election.