The Mower County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public concerning a fraud report involving a phony email address and gift cards.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Mark May reported that authorities recently took a fraud report involving a gmail account, as an unknown person or persons created a gmail account in another person’s name and used that account to send emails out to committee members of an organization requesting they purchase gift cards that would be distributed to hospice care patients throughout the community.

The reportee further stated that whoever created the account requested the recipients of the email to let them know if the gift cards could be purchased that day.  May stated that no specific type of gift card was mentioned to buy or where to buy them.

 The fraudulent email address created was [email protected]

May indicated that it is unknown if any of the people who received the email purchased gift cards.  May requested that the public please be cognizant of the emails you receive if you are unfamiliar with the account or email either delete the email, contact the person if you are familiar with them, or contact Law Enforcement.