Local school districts seeking operating levies and bond referendums on Election Day

Voters in 67 Minnesota school districts decide on operating levies or bond referendums in today’s (Tues) election.   Greg Abbott with the Minnesota School Boards Association says many bond referendums are for laptops and other technology, sparked by distance learning: 

Local school districts in our KAUS listening area that have operating levies or bond referendums on the ballot today include Albert Lea Public Schools, who will be asking voters to renew an existing property tax levy, and Blooming Prairie Schools are requesting voters in the district to authorize the issuance of school building bonds in an amount not to exceed $27,590,000 for the acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities, and a second question on the ballot is requesting voters to authorize the district to issue building bonds in an aggregate amount not to exceed $6.4 million for the acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities, including but not limited to construction of an additional gymnasium at the High School that will provide for physical education, student activities, and community use.  Voters in the Hayfield School District will be deciding whether to increase the district’s general education revenue by $562 per pupil, with a portion of the proposed new authorization replacing the existing referendum revenue authorization of $551 per pupil which is scheduled to expire after taxes payable in 2021. 

Abbott says there are several more bond referendums than usual for this time of year.