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Local legislator submits bill to complete City of Austin’s request for bonding dollars to help fund wastewater treatment facility renovation project

The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities is asking lawmakers to pass another bonding bill this year for state public works projects — although nowhere near as big as last year’s record-breaking 1.9-billion-dollar package.   Spokesman Bradley Peterson says top lawmakers appear interested in a 200- to 300-million dollar bonding bill, and the Coalition is asking for 100 million of that for water infrastructure projects.  The city of Austin is seeking $13 million in bonding dollars to help offset the cost of its wastewater treatment facility renovation project, and District 27 Senator Gene Dornink, Republican from Hayfield stated the KAUS that he recently took a tour of the facility, and he added that it’s time for an upgrade of the vital facility towards the city’s operations…

Dornink recently submitted a bill that would complete the city of Austin’s funding request for the project, which  received $7 million in bonding dollars in the 2020 Minnesota legislative session. 

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