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Local legislator looking for passage of bonding bill in second special session

Governor Tim Walz has indicated that Monday, July 13th could be the start date of a second special legislative session this summer to try to resolve such important issues as a bonding bill, which at last word is expected to total $1.35 billion.  $12 million for the City of Austin’s wastewater treatment facility renovation project is currently part of the Senate’s bonding bill, and State District 27B Representative Jeanne Poppe, DFL’er from Austin told KAUS News that she thinks the project will also be a part of the House’s bonding bill, and she added that the bigger the agreed-upon bonding bill, the better chance Austin’s project will receive its full funding request for the project of $19 million…

A first item of business for the Legislature will be to determine whether the Governor can retain his emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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