Level 3 predatory offender to be released into Austin sometime Thursday

Austin Chief of Police Dave McKichan reported that his department was informed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections Wednesday morning that 27-year old Mal Pauliet Tharjiath, 27, a level 3 predatory offender, will be released into Austin sometime today.  

According to the DOC, Tharjiath has a prior conviction for engaging in sexual contact with an unknown female.  Tharjiath used force to enter the female’s residence and to gain compliance during an incident in Mankato in 2012.  

Tharjiath will be residing at a residence in the 700 block of 8th Street Northeast.  Under Minnesota Statute 244.052, the Austin Police Department is authorized to notify the community of a level 3 offender’s release into the community if it believes doing so will increase public safety.

Tharjiath has served his sentence and is not currently wanted by law enforcement. Law enforcement warns that anyone who attempts to harass or intimidate Tharjiath could be subject to criminal charges.