Karl Potach Foundation donates to The Hormel Institute

Dr. Kurt and Brenda Potach of The Karl Potach Foundation gave a $60,000 gift to further the Wilms’ tumor research they spearheaded at The Hormel Institute. With this gift, the Karl Potach Foundation has given $711,500 to The Hormel Institute since 2008. This year the foundation also gifted $10,000 to the Children’s Cancer Research Foundation.

There are currently three Wilms’ tumor releated research projects in progress at The Hormel Institute funded exclusively from the Karl Potach Foundation and on Friday – wearing masks and keeping socially distantthe foundation received progress reports from Dr. Sergio Gradilone – “Consequences of Primary Cilia loss in the KRAS/MAPK/WT1 Regulatory Axis in Cholangiocarcinoma, Dr. Liang Liu – “Function and Mechanism of WT1 in Breast Tumorigenesis, and Dr. Rendong Yang – “Role of WT1 splicing variants in human cancer.”