Third Judicial District Court Judge Joseph F. Chase stated Monday that unless an Austin man can come up with a total resembling the $375,000 he agreed to pay in restitution for the $500,000 he stole from Somerby Golf Course in Byron, he will be sentenced to jail time.

According to court documents, 63-year old Gordon Craig Perkins used a combination of improper petty cash and illegal use of a credit card to bilk the golf course out of nearly $500,000 over a nine-year time period. Perkins had been employed at the club since 2011. Perkins was charged with seven counts of theft by swindle, value over $35,000 and seven counts of theft by diverting corporate property, as well as one count of issuance of dishonored checks, value more than $500.  The complaint against Perkins alleges unauthorized charges on three company credit cards paid for everything from groceries, appliances and auto repairs, to dental and medical bills. Charges at local nail salons, restaurants, and for air travel, hotels, car rentals and monthly mobile phone services for his family were included.

In September, Perkins entered into a plea agreement that would allow him to avoid jail time in exchange for paying $375,000 in restitution over a course of five years. However, at a sentencing hearing on Monday, Perkins’ attorney admitted that Perkins does not have the income to pay back such a large amount, and instead should be required to pay only $100 a month for 60 months, or $6,000 total in restitution.

A decision on sentencing in the case has now been scheduled for December 14th in Olmsted County District Court.