John Schneider announced as Austin Public Schools Teacher of the Year

Austin Public Schools has announced that Banfield Elementary School teacher John Schneider has been selected as the 2022 Austin Teacher of the Year.

 “It is humbling to be recognized along with so many great teachers at Austin Public Schools,” says John.  “I love my family at Banfield and I also feel that this award is for them too.  Everyone puts in the extra time and effort to make the best educational experience possible for our students.”

 “It’s an honor and a privilege,” says Teacher of the Year committee chair Dave Brown, “to be able to recognize the tremendous teachers we have here at Austin Public Schools.  Every person I have spoken with this morning has had one of two reactions: ‘How has he not won yet?’ or ‘It’s about time!’  John is as good as they come.”

 John’s passion and excitement for teaching shines through in his classroom, where he encourages his students to “be kind and show compassion and empathy to those around them, do their best and try hard every day, and know that when things don’t go your way or are hard, those are things that make us better.”

 Each spring, teachers are nominated by their peers and community members.  The Teacher of the Year committee then sifts through the nominations and announces the nominees at the beginning of the school year.  The winning teacher is chosen from that pool of nominees.

 Mr. Schneider, who has been teaching for 26 years, will now move on to the state Teacher of the Year competition, which entails developing a portfolio and creating a video application.