Infectious diseases expert with MCHS talks about latest variant of COVID-19 virus, how vaccines actually work during press briefing

Cases of the COVID-19 delta variant continue to increase in the state of Minnesota, and elsewhere in the United States.  Dr. John O’Horo, an infectious diseases expert at Mayo Clinic answered a number of questions from KAUS News and other media outlets during a press briefing, and Dr. O’Horo stated that the latest variant of the virus, the Mu variant will be something to keep an eye on in the future…

Dr. O’Horo went on to state that a question he’s been receiving frequently as of late is how do vaccines actually work….

The Minnesota Department of Health and the C-D-C are recommending everyone wear masks indoors in counties with substantial or high COVID-19 transmission.  If someone is unvaccinated, they should mask up indoors regardless of where they are.