Hydrant flushing occurring in southeast Austin this spring

Fire hydrant flushing is underway in southeast Austin for this spring.

The flushing began Monday, May 9th and will continue through the summer.  The Austin Fire Department stated in a news release that this annual maintenance ensures that hydrants are in working order, and they added that the maintenance also clears water lines of accumulated minerals and sediments.

Department officials went on to state that as fire staff perform the annual hydrant flushing, citizens may see water rushing out the side of the hydrant, and they added that citizens may also see their home water have an orange or rusty tint, although it is safe to use and drink.  The discoloration is caused by iron sediments in the water main which are disturbed during the flushing process.  If discoloration does occur within your home water, they stated that you should run the cold water for several minutes and flush your toilets once or twice, which should clear your lines.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding hydrant flushing, please call the Austin Fire Department at (507) 433-3405.