Officials with Hy-Vee reported that the company will be making a $10 million commitment to its employees for their hard work during the coronavirus crisis.

The grocery store chain says all part-time and full-time store employees will receive a 10% bonus on hours worked from March 16 to April 12. The bonuses will be paid out on April 17.

Officials went on to report that Hy-Vee will also be offering job protected leave for employees who either test positive for COVID-19 or are required by health officials to self-quarantine. This protection will last a minimum of two weeks and applies to all employees, no matter their length of service.

In addition, Hy-Vee says it is waiving co-pays for all full-time employees and their dependents who utilize the 24-hour virtual medical service and is allowing part-time employees to use the service for a minimal fee per visit.