The House Health and Human Services Finance Division Monday discussed two key pieces of legislation to address how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts vulnerable Minnesotans. The first, authored by Rep. Jen Schultz (DFL – Duluth), delivers a 15 percent temporary rate increase for personal care assistance (PCA) services during the COVID-19 pandemic and makes other program modifications.  Schultz talked about other features of the bill with KAUS News….

In addition to the 15 percent rate increase, PCAs can now be paid for 310 hours of services per month, up from 275. The bill allows parents or legal guardians of a minor PCA recipient or a spouse of a PCA recipient to earn wages for providing PCA services during the peacetime emergency.  The bill next moves to the House Ways and Means Committee.

 The panel also held an informational hearing on proposed legislation by Rep. Laurie Halverson (DFL – Eagan) to provide a one-time, $500 supplemental payment for individuals enrolled in the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) or Diversionary Work Program (DWP). MFIP helps families with children meet their basic needs while helping parents move to financial stability through work.