Hormel Institute launches Young Scientist Program in partnership with Austin Public Schools

The Hormel Institute is launching the Young Scientist Program in partnership with Austin Public Schools. The program will engage 6-8 grade students from IJ Holton Intermediate School and Ellis Middle School that are interested in biomedical research and science fields.

“Students will gain knowledge through exploration, relevance, relationships, rigor, and results,” said Kelly Vincelette, The Hormel Institute’s Community Outreach and Education Manager. “Each student will have the opportunity to work on their own personal research experiment. Through these types of programs, we hope to inspire the next generation of scientists.”

The students will be placed in research laboratories throughout The Hormel Institute to learn through observation and hands-on experiences and to explore biomedical research.

Officials with the Institute stated that the program was made possible through a generous donation to The Hormel Institute Education Fund. The new fund supports current and future education initiatives for student learning opportunities at The Hormel Institute.