Austin vs. Kasson-Mantorville

The top-seeded Austin Boys Basketball team went wire-to-wire in a 79-47 victory over #5 Kasson-Mantorville at the Mayo Civic Center Arena on Saturday night.

Kasson could not keep up with Austin’s speed, size and athleticism on the longer arena floor.

Austin came out firing from three, as Duoth Gach scored the Packers’ first six points on a pair of long balls. Ngor Deng returned to regular action, after dealing with injuries earlier in the season, and also hit a pair of threes in the first half.

The Packers’ shooting, collectively, cooled off later in the opening half. They still shot over 40% in a volume first half, going 13/32.

As the threes struggled to fall, the Packers made up for it closer to the basket.

Nyagoa Obany and Logan Braaten imposted their will around the rim to grab rebounds and get the KoMets in foul trouble.

Austin spent the game shaking off rust after eight days between games. The Packers earned a first round bye as the #1 seed in the tournament, so they moved past Wednesday’s quarterfinals. Before tonight, their last game was still the regular season finale at John Marshall on March 2.

After a 15 point lead at halftime, the Packers buried Kasson in the back half. Austin shot north of 56% in the second half, and more than doubled their lead by game’s end.

The Packers will play Northfield in the Section 1AAA Championship game next Friday at 7:00 p.m. The Raiders beat Simley 65-45 in their semifinal game. The game will be in the Mayo Civic Center Auditorium, not the arena. 

Here are the Packers’ game stats. The highlight montage is below the stats.

FG- 13/32 (40.6%)
3PT- 6/17 (35.3%)
FT- 6/7 (85.7%)
5 Turnovers
Nyagoa Obany: game-high 10 points

FG- 18/32 (56.3%)
3PT- 3/10 (30%)
FT- 2/2 (100%)
8 Turnovers
Duoth Gach/Moses Issa: team-high 8 points each

FG- 31/64 (48.4%)
3PT- 9/27 (33.33%)
FT- 8/9 (8.9%)
13 Turnovers
Gach/Obany: team-high 14 points each
Issa: 12 points
Tate Hebrink: 10 points
Ngor Deng: 8 points