Eberhart Poetry Contest finalists at Austin Public Schools named

Austin Public Schools has announced the 2021-2022 Eberhart Poetry Contest finalists.

Finalists for the kindergarteners at Woodson Kindergarten Center include Novalee Basurto and Ingrid Williams, at Banfield Elementary School, finalists include 4th grader Gabrien Levisen and 2nd graders Hadley Levisen and Brianna Morrison, at Neveln Elementary School, finalists include 4th graders Christina Meh and Patrick (Kane) Whalen, and also 2nd grader Jacey Olson, at Southgate Elementary School, finalists include 1st grader Olivia Baskin, 3rd grader Carter McRae and 4th grader Louisa Sorenson.

At Sumner Elementary School, the finalists are 2nd grader Messiah Ari-Paul, 1st grader Julia Na and 3rd grader Randy Velasco Montelongo.  A I.J. Holton Intermediate School, the finalists include 6th graders Miley Basurto, Eva Taylor and Samuel Vortherms, at Ellis Middle School, the finalists are 7th graders Erin Adamson, Aubrey Ruzek and Enar Zaki and, at Austin High School, the finalists are 11th grader Mary Eich and seniors Lesley Orozco Martinez and Derek Wynn.

 All finalists and their families are invited to attend the Night of Poetry at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29 at the Historic Hormel Home. The finalists from each building will read their poems during the event.  Accommodations will be made if a finalist is uncomfortable attending due to COVID, and school winners will be announced after all poems are shared. Certificates and awards will also be presented.

A reminder that the event will be livestreamed, and the link will be found on the district website at austin.k12.mn.us.